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While using open top refrigerator display cabinets,
it is challenging for retailers to maintain a lower temperature as heat escapes from the open top.

Freezer Covers are specially designed thermal reflective sheets that can be easily placed on top of your open chiller cabinets.

Thermascreens Freezer covers are all custom made to you open chiller cabinet. Because of this RTdesigns review all drawings and designs to ensure it is meet to your specification. If it's not exactly what to want RTdesigns will design a new Thermascreens Freezer cover specifically for you. This is all completely complementary because we want to provide the best customer service alongside the best quality.

  - Energy saving for chest freezers

  - Easy installation
  - Thermal reflective sheets

Like all Thermascreens products. Thermascreens Freezer Covers come with our renowned 5 year warranty and 1 week lead time.