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Night Blinds

Manufactured as a complete unit,

system 2650 are factory tensioned and tested so that they are ready to use by clicking them into pre-fitted clips.

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Most advanced system on our line up. 

Use the gift of water to increase shell life of fruit and vegetables as well as eliminate plastic packaging.

NEW FOR 2022

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Rollastop Secure

The worlds first rollable fabric shutter.

Can be easily retrofitted

on to cabinets. It has a premium look and feel. Made with the best possible materials and has a

tamper proof guide channel.

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Cassette Blinds

Our Thermascreens Cassette Blinds are combination of the highest quality materials and our

fantastic spring system 2.0. 

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Motorised Blind

Our innovative motorised blinds are based on lowering the cost whilst maintaining a smooth and unique aesthetic. Thermascreens Motorised Blinds uses a Somfy motor that can power multiple blinds at the same time. Helping to keep costs down with no compromise in its function.

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Printed Blinds

Our printed blinds are the perfect advertising solution to promote corporate information, products and services.

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Freezer Covers 

While using open top refrigerator display cabinets, it is challenging for retailers to maintain a lower temperature as heat escapes from the open top. Thermascreens Freezer Covers are specially designed thermal reflective sheets that can be easily placed on top of your open chiller cabinets.

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Banana Hammocks

To say banana hammocks are for one fruit would be a lie. Our banana hammocks present a unique solution to increase the shelf life of fruit and vegetables as well as have the added bonus of a fresh look and a new way to present fruit and vegetables.

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