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Banana Hammocks

To say banana hammocks are for one fruit would be a lie. Our banana hammocks present a unique solution to increase the shelf life of fruit and vegetables as well as have the added bonus of a fresh look and a new way to present fruit and vegetables.

Banana hammocks were developed working closely with shelving manufacturers. Now used by a large
number of food and fresh produce retailers, the mesh hammocks are suspended on a metal framework.

- 5 year warranty

- competitive price

- one week delivery


- Available in a variety of colours, sizes and fabrics 

  - Increase shelf life of fruit
  - Prevent bruising of the fruit
  - Used by leading retailers

  - reduce number of fruit damaged in boxes thus increasing you profit margins.

Please contact us for further customisation. 



All Thermascreens Banana Hammocks use custom materials specific to each individual customer.  In our stock we have a vast range of materials to choose from ! This helps to provide unique solutions per customer and per store. 

Please note there is no standard banana hammock material as they are in such high demand.

For further customisation please contact us. 

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