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Motorised Series

Thermascreens motorised system 2500 outshines any other in the market. It accepts the working components by push fit allowing the motor to be switched from one side to the other. This also enables on site repairs without the need of replacing the complete blinds.

As with all our products we have used the best components especially for our motorised blinds. The motors are manufactured by Somfy Motors. Somfy motors is a global market with renowned quality. Upon testing we found their motors to be up to 7x as reliable compared with other motors.

- 5 year warranty (motor included)

- competitive price

- one week delivery


Thanks to our powerful Somfy Motors we are renowned for supplying motorised blinds too many market leaders in the supermarket industry. 

Our innovative motor slave system saves money by using one motor to power lengths of up to 11.25 meters ! This is why customers prefer us as the supplier for motorised blinds especially in long supermarket multidecks. As this innovative method can save money. 


- 40mm roller for strength and rigidity 

- One piece end bearing provides less torque on the motor 

- Telescopic drive shaft for easy alignment 

- Minimum gaps between blinds as little as 15mm 

- Rectangular bottom rail with iodised aluminium extrusion into which a solid aluminium bar is inserted for easier free fall of blind 

- Highly reflective aluminium based foil for low emissions 

- Protected against sweating and high humidity 

- Somfy Motor 40mm LS40 Aries guaranteed for 5 years


Please contact us for further customisation. 


All Thermascreens Motorised series use the best quality materials.

Available with:

- american bottom rail

- magnetised bottom rail 


For further customisation 

please contact us.



In all Thermascreens Motorised Series uses a special ALU PET fabric which enables the blind to have energy saving properties. 

Available with:

- solid ALU PET fabric

perforated ALU PET fabric

For further customisation please contact us. 


All Thermascreens Motorised 

series have the optional slave system. This allows our powerful Somfy Motor to operate multiple blinds.

For further customisation please contact us


The standard end brackets are fitted using two screws. The blind motor end is a slotted cross that locates on the bracket whilst the idle end is secured in place by traversing the locking key through the keyhole slot in the bracket and rotating it 90 degrees.

For further customisation please contact us

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