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What is Fogmist ?

Fogmist is the latest product on our line up using the best technology in the industry for maintaining vital humidity and decrease plastic packaging in the supermarket industry.


Some of the benefits include:

- even distribution of humidity

- extends shelf life

- no wetness

- perfect for closed and open chiller cabinets 

as well as display cases.

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Fogmist Specification

- Chiller cabinet fronts and floors will remain dry

- Is easy to install and maintain

- lots of customisation with adjustable fog time control

- Components easily hidden under or over chiller cabinets and display cases

- Does not wet the shoppers or produce excessive moisture

- 100% efficient as water consumption is far less compared to traditional systems

- sprays a fine, fog-like mist to maintain humidity and periodically create a dense cloud cascading down the front of the case. 

System Specification

Please click to download PDF.

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Vegetable Shopping

Please contact us for more information about Fogmist.

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