@Rollatherm International

@Rollatherm International

From cosmetic, pharmacy, tobacco to wines and spirits sections, this effective loss prevention secure shield can be retrofitted onto any existing cabinets in stores where certain sections have to be closed at a particular time in a day.


This slash resistant fibre blends well with your retail environment delivering the message that a particular section is closed in an aesthetically pleasing way as compared to bulky shutters. Slash resistant blind for theft or pilferage Energy efficient

Rollastop is the new printable shutter. To think its just for alcohol would be a mistake. Thermascreens Rollastop can be used as an alternative to printed blinds as well. Providing a pleasing look that harmoniously blends to its surroundings. Rollastop is both sturdy and built to last and is designed to be printed on unlike shutters where a proper print is impossible to achieve. 

  - Printable for any design
  - Can be retrofitted to any cabinet

  - Perfect for high value or restricted items
  - Less bulky and more aesthetically pleasing than shutters

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Simply contact us at orders@rollatherm.com or call us at 01604757055

All our products come with a competitive price with no loss of quality. Please find the installation guide and a product brochure. 

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