Available in either a standard spring or controlled rise option.

  - User friendly
  - Option for controlled rise through a braking mechanism

Two methods are mainly used to hold the blinds down.

 - Magnetic strip at the back of bottom rail which hermetically seals the cabinet from draught or spillages
  - Double hook option which simply anchors to the base of your cabinet.


Most blinds are manufactured as complete ready to install units on fitting rails that just click into snap fit brackets - Job done!

Our night blinds also have the ability to become lockable blinds by a change of bottom rail. This is what forms our controlled rise series. Please contact us for more information.

Manufactured as a complete unit, our Night Blinds are factory tensioned and tested so that they are ready to use by clicking them into clips which are supplied with the product. Our system, which incorporates a ‘silent breaking’ has been universally loved and acclaimed as an “innovative breakthrough” by installers due to its easy installation and no need to tension it yourselves. This has been done due to our new spring system. We can however provide blinds which aren't pre-tensioned for cost reductions if that is what you would like. 

At Thermascreens we love to work with our customers to create new products. No matter how big or small.  Visit our customer innovation page for more detail.

All our blinds come standard with a 5 year warranty and a one week lead-time as standard on all orders !

Fitting Instructions 

Simply contact us at orders@rollatherm.com or call us at 01604757055

All our products come with a competitive price with no loss of quality. Please find the installation guide.