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Cassette Blinds

An aesthetically pleasing one piece aluminium
extrusion available in the colour of your choice. Either provide the sample, the rail colour or the colour from your powder coaters and we shall match the colour of the cassette to suit your freezer cabinets.

Cassette Blinds can be used in a multitude of ways. We have recently worked with a cabinet manufacturer to make printed cassette blinds for Delis. Providing and divine aesthetic that of which portrays innovation at its best. 

- 5 year warranty

- competitive price


Manufacture up to lengths of 2.5 meters. 

Can be coated in a variety of colours to suit your individual need.

Three methods are used to hold the blinds down.

 -  Magnetic strip at the back of bottom rail which hermetically seals the cabinet from draught or spillages
  -  Double hook option which simply anchors to the base of your cabinet.

-  A lockable bottom rail which is perfect for beers, wines and spirits as well as for the pharmaceutical industry.

Thermascreens Cassette blind


Available with:

- hook and anchor

- lockable bottom rail

- magnetic bottom rail


For further customisation 

please contact us.



In all Thermascreens Night blinds we use a special ALU PET fabric which enables the blind to have energy saving properties. 

Available with:

- solid ALU PET fabric

perforated ALU PET fabric

For further customisation please contact us. 


All Thermascreens Handles use a two our innovative two screw design in combination with a special material which is difficult to snap and break. Many refurbish companies have described them as 'innovative' and 'great quality'

Available with:

- loop handle

- hook handle

- Lockable blind handle

For further customisation please contact us


Our unique fixing bracket uses our click fit system similar to our night blinds. No need to mess about with the cassette cover or pre-tension the blind. Simply push the cassette blind into the clips and its installed !

Our easiest fitting method yet.



For further customisation please contact us

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