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Printed Blinds

Our Printed Blinds are the perfect advertising solution to promote corporate information, product and or its services. 

Many of our customers have manipulated the space on the blinds to advertise their products or display information. 


These Printed blinds can me used in a multitude of ways to create an effective to solution to display a message to its viewers. 

Our printed blinds can be put into a cassette as well. This cassette can be powder coated in any colour. Please see our cassette blinds page for more information

- 5 year warranty

- competitive price

- one week delivery


The main function of the blind is energy saving but Thermascreens have developed some new materials to create an aesthetically pleasing product. We have experimented with a many materials and different methods of printing but we believe we have found an effective material as well as printing method. Our clients love our printed blinds as it portrays the best quality and their vision on to a simple blind.

- lockable bottom rail

- hook and anchor 

- magnetic bottom rail

- vast array of images to choose from

Please contact us for further customisation. 

- 5 year warranty

- competitive price

- one week delivery

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All Thermascreens Printed Blinds use the best quality materials.

Available with:

- american bottom rail

- magnetised bottom rail 


For further customisation 

please contact us.



In all Thermascreens Printed Blinds we let the client to choose which material they would like. There is a vast amount to choose from !

Standard blinds available with:

- solid ALU PET fabric

perforated ALU PET fabric

For further customisation please contact us. 


All Thermascreens Printed Blinds use our standard hook handle with two screw system to prevent snapping or breaking. 

Available with:

- Hook Handle

- Magnetic Handle

- Lockable System

For further customisation please contact us

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The fitting Method varies. Should you choose our easy fit cassettes, simply screw the clips in and push the cassette to install. 

Should you choose our beloved night blinds then simply screw the clips and insert blind into the clips. 

For further customisation please contact us

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